Day 1         8th Apr 2012

08:00 P.M. : Reach Habibganj station near Bhopal. Catch a bus to M P Nagar

Day 2

09:00 A.M. : Catch a bus to Bhopal main station. Change a bus to Sanchi

Sanchi is 30 km from Bhopal and is connected by rail and road.

The Stupa no 1 was believed to have housed the remains of Buddha, however the remains were not found. The remains of Buddha’s principal disciples Sariputra and Mahamogallana were found in the Stupa no 3 which were taken by the British museum and later returned after Independence. A beautiful Srilankan Stupa near the Sanchi Stupa houses these remains and are opened for public on the day of Buddha Purnima.

04:00 P.M. : Catch a return bus to Bhopal.


The Udayagiri caves in Vidisha, 10 km from Sanchi, is another place nearby worth visiting. However locals advise against travel with the Rang panchami in a 2 days and the local tradition of celebrating the holi with mud extending up to the 5th day.

05:30 P.M. : Visit the Upper lake.

Bhopal is also known as a city of lakes. The MP Tourism has water sports and boat rides on the lake and is a splendid view from atop the water research centre.

Day 2 Bhimbetka

09:00 A.M. : Catch a bus to Obedullahgunj, 50 odd km from Bhopal

11:00 A.M. : Reach Obedullahgunj.

On Reaching, I Come to know that Bhimbetka is another 10 km from the place. Buses do not ply frequently on this route. Villagers travel by hitching rides in trucks. I hop on a truck myself.

11:30 A.M. : Get down 3 km off Bhimbetka

Cave-paintings at Bhimbetka

Bhimbetka is 3 km off the highway, of which 2 km are inside the Ratapani Tiger Reserve. I walk for 2 km then get a ride by a family visiting the Mata temple.

12:30 P.M. : Visit the Goddess temple near the caves. The original temple is believed to be 5000 years old, though what is seen today is a small ceramic tiled temple. A cave on the top is where the Pandavas were believed to have lived

01:00 P.M. : Explore the cave paintings at Bhimbetka

03:00 P.M. : Start back, hitch a ride from Bhimbetka to Obedullahgunj.

From there I take a bus upto Mandideep and from there an auto to Bhojpur.

04:00 P.M. Reach the village of Bhojpur.

Shiva temple in Bhojpur

I visit the gigantic temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, built in the 10th century by King Bhoj.

However, while the temple was still under construction, Bhoja was killed in a war. The temple was never completed. However, it is still a living temple and sees a large number of devotees.

06:00 P.M. : Take a tempo back to Mandideep

07:00 P.M. : Catch a bus back to the city of Bhopal08


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